How We at Prairie Studio Glass Prototype Our Products

Have you ever been curious about how our team at Prairie Studio Glass comes up with the prototypes and final designs for our products?

If so, you’re in the right place! In this quick post, we’ll discuss our step-by-step design and prototyping process – and show you how we turn our concepts into beautiful art glass products.

Step 1. Solve A Problem

Our prototyping process starts simply by answering – what problem are we solving? Whether we’re creating a door, a light fixture, or a sign, we consider the steps that we can take to solve a problem for the end user, and provide them with a brilliant piece of art – that’s still totally functional and useful.

That’s our passion at Prairie Studio Glass. We don’t believe that great art just has to be looked at – we emphasize physicality and interactivity. When you touch, feel, or use one of our beautiful art glass products, you’ll see how our practicality and artistic insight combines into a fantastic result.

Step 2. Add Value

After we’ve got a problem to solve, it’s time to decide how we can add value to it with our art glass products. How can we enhance the design of our concept with our glass products? How can we ensure that our product is both functional and beautiful?

This is a key step – if there’s no way to add value to our initial concept, we must go back to the drawing board, and decide on a different strategy.

Step 3. Group Design & Brainstorming

Once we have defined a problem to solve and figured out how to add value, our team will begin the prototyping process in earnest, brainstorming in a group design session. During these sessions, we’ll approach the prototype from dozens of different angles, sketching out preliminary concepts and deciding as a group which ones we prefer.

At the end of our session, we decide on which concept is the most effective, beautiful, and practical – and this is the design that we choose to prototype.

Step 4. Build A Prototype – And Gauge Reactions

The final step in our process is to build a physical prototype of our product. Using our advanced design and glassmaking skills, our team will create a full-size prototype product from scratch.

After doing so, we’ll display it in the Prairie Studio Glass gallery, and post it across our social media channels. This allows us to gauge the reaction of the public to each piece, providing us with valuable insight that can be used to create a new product, or refine our current prototype.

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