Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral Restoration

Religious Project | Leaded/ Stained Glass

In 1994 we teamed up with local artist/interior designer Ben Wasylyshen and over the course of 2 years we fabricated 10 large windows based on Ben’s designs, completing the installation at Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral in 1996. Tragically 20 years later we got a call requesting to fully restore the stained glass, as the building was hit by arson causing major fire damage to the building, its treasured stained glass windows and other artwork.¬†We set up a temporary studio in the choir loft and removed all 10 stained glass windows (72 sections in total!) 12 of the sections were completely rebuilt due to heat damage to the glass and lead came. Next we painstakingly cleaned every piece of glass in the remaining 60 window as they were covered in soot from the fire. Once they were sparkling again we reinstalled them back into their window frames good as new.