St. Mary’s Academy 150th Anniversary Art Piece

Commercial Project | Cast Glass

We were commissioned by St. Mary’s Academy here in Winnipeg to design and install a custom art piece to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the founding of St. Mary’s Academy by The Sisters of The Holy Names Jesus and Mary.

The art piece features 7 kiln cast panels mounted with stainless steel standoffs into a custom aluminum box frame. Measuring 7 feet tall by 12 feet long.

There are 150 leaves, each leaf was made using glass tiles that were designed by grade 7-12 art students at the academy. We spent a day at the academy teaching the girls how to work with glass. Each student then created a unique glass tile in any design they liked, using one of four color palettes. We then fused these tiles and selectively cut a leaf shape from the tile to become part of the piece.

We hope this piece inspires the next 150 years of students and staff at St. Mary’s Academy.